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We are currently seeking a new Teaching Pastor. This part-time position is defined in our Church Profile as follows;
The Teaching Pastor’s primary role is to prepare and communicate a Biblically-based message that will not only evangelize seekers but grow believers to mature in their spiritual walk.
● The Teaching Pastor possesses a passion for and mastery of the Scripture.
● The Teaching Pastor is a skilled communicator who both explains and applies the truths of God’s word in both public ministry and personal decisions.
● The Teaching Pastor works closely with the Worship Pastor to design and facilitate the content and flow of worship services.
● The Teaching Pastor serves on and is mutually accountable to the Elder body.
● The Teaching Pastor is responsible for teaching/preaching 90 percent of the worship services and is responsible for teaching/preaching substitutions.

If you are interested, you can apply by going to
to find more information. Or alternatively, you can contact us directly at

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